-- Partners Working Together for a Safer Downtown--


Greater Downtown Council


The Greater Downtown Council advocates for its members in support of a vibrant, friendly and sustainable downtown waterfront.


We will fulfill this mission through the following actions:

  • Promote and maintain a clean, safe and welcoming environment
  • Provide leadership on behalf of our downtown waterfront and its businesses, property owners and residents
  • Retain and recruit businesses


We work as a catalyst to enhance Duluth’s Downtown Waterfront business climate by bringing together business, community, and government leaders to focus on Downtown issues and opportunities.


The GDC  is also the management entity of the Duluth Downtown waterfront District, which provides the services of the popular Cleans & Safe Team. Through both the GDC and DDWD, members and property owners play a key role in helping to shape the future of our downtown.


Duluth Police Department


The Mission of the Duluth Police Department is to provide the highest level of service through partnerships and problem solving in a professional, ethical, and timely manner.  We envision successful crime prevention and crime reduction while increasing citizen’s sense of safety through greater visibility and good relations.


We are guided by these values to dictate behavior and actions:

  • Accountability - We hold each other accountable to maintain the highest of standards in our profession.
  • Collaboration - We place tremendous value on our relationships with our colleagues and community, which in turn strengthens our ability to solve problem and build trust.
  • Communication - We communicate in a transparent manner amongst ourselves, our community and partners. We never look to avoid conflict, but instead seek to resolve it.
  • Leadership - We guide, mentor, teach, solve problems, and maintain an ethical, positive, flexible and professional demeanor.

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